I made a summer bucket list a while back and I wanted to do a quick check in of things that I’ve already done! My summer doesn’t end until work starts up again so I still have quite a bit of time to do more but I think keeping tabs on… View Post

I’ve sort of been AWOL for a week or so, life decided to throw a curveball of horrible bouts of hay-fever since I’ve been back from Florida. Everyone says it’s been the change of climate, which I can’t understand because Texas is equally as hot and humid. In any case, I’m… View Post

Like everybody else in the world, it seems, I’ve started several blogs before. I’ve been on so many platforms! LJ, Xanga, MyDearDiary, Blogger, Wix(?lol), Tumblr: you name it and I’ve probably been on it. I’ve noticed after a few weeks of being on this website that most people on here have… View Post

I gave up watching television around two months into my new teaching job last year, and I think it’s around time that I start catching up on all the shows I used to watch before things got kind of haywire with time and scheduling. Note: I’m not implying any of these… View Post