From Blue Song to Baby Driver

In my freshman year of university, my life pretty much centered around a guy called Noel Fielding. You probably know who he is: comedian and artist from the UK, says weird shit and always has that hair thing going on. I’m not going to try and explain why I was so into him, much like I can’t really explain most of what I did during university, but Noel was my everything.

This has a point, I promise, just bear with me.

Around the time of university, there was a sudden resurgence of a music video that Noel Fielding had starred in 2002, directed by Edgar Wright. It had a few other good faces, like Nick Frost and Julian Barratt, so naturally I became obsessed with it. It really was ridiculous, there were stories being written about this music video. Three minutes of content launched a myriad of backstories. Blue Song by Mint Royale was the song that defined my first year of university, and it’s stuck in my mind like a fire brand.

Cut to present day: Edgar Wright, after a number of successful box office and cult favorite hits, released a movie called Baby Driver. A story of a young boy with tinnitus who’s wrangled himself into the world of crime and manages to become the world’s best getaway driver.


Blue Song MV on left | Baby Driver on the right

Holy. Shit.

Imagine creating a weird background story for a three minute music video and then, seven years later, seeing a full length feature film based it. I don’t even care that Noel’s character was replaced by Ansel Elgort because my entire mind and body was so captivated by the sheer SATISFACTION of seeing something come to life that I never expected to be able to see.

Mind you, the movie is fucking fantastic even without the weird backstory that I went in to the cinema with. It’s high-adrenaline, high-speed, action with a cacophony of characters and the best damn soundtrack I’ve heard in years. Elgort was never in my highest of regards as an actor, but I really have to hand it to him, he made Baby even better than I could’ve imagined.

I wish I could go back in time and tell everyone that I was friends with at the time, “Hey, you know that music video I’m obsessed with? It’s going to be a fucking movie, man.”, but also some part of me wants past-me to savor the surprise. Edgar Wight is a long-time favorite of mine. Everything he’s done, from Spaced to Scott Pilgrim, has always been right up my alley. Baby Driver was no exception.

Please go watch this film and support it! It’s worth a watch on the big screen.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the soundtrack on vinyl. Maybe there’ll be a cute pink pressing.


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