Mini Haul – H&M and Forever21

A few days ago, I decided to make the trip to our closest H&M – only an hour drive away. I don’t know why I wanted to go so badly. It might be all the talk about H&M online: I’ve never been able to step foot in one! Also, I’d recently got new tires on my car just begging for a bit of a roadtrip – but really, I’d make up any excuse to go for a long drive, honestly.

I’m not exactly a slim girl, before we start. Which is mostly why I wanted to go in and try on clothes beforehand because I’m smack in the middle of “normal” sizes and plus-sized clothing, and often times that spectrum can be weirdly limiting. Plus size clothing will fit me too big, and the normal sized clothing won’t fit my boobs. It’s horribly inconvenient.

In any case, I’m glad I went, because now I have a better idea of how H&M sizing works and I can give online shopping a go! (yay)



  1. Black (H&M $13) – Simple black shorts that I’ve been desperately in need of for a while. I’ve been needing to stock up on shorts since vacations are nearly here and I do not plan on walking around amusement parks in Florida humidity with full-on long jeans all day. These were nice and simple, they had a cute little cuffed hem at the bottom and they’re super comfortable. Got them in size 14.
  2. Blue/White Stripes (H&M $18) – Banker stripes! I’ve been meaning to get something with a print like this for a month and a half or so, because they’re such a trendy thing going on at the moment. Plus, this was a bit cooler than getting plain ol’ jean shorts. Side note: can I just say how much I love H&M for carrying size 14, I want to kiss them for it! Got these in size 14, as you might have guessed.



  1. Dusty Pink Basic Tee (H&M $13) – I loved this top, it’s a bit cropped so it’ll be so cute to wear with either high-waisted shorts or dungarees. The material is very lightweight and airy, so it’ll be perfect for hot summer weather. Got it in a size Medium. I think it was meant to be oversized but I preferred the Medium fit over the Large.
  2. Striped Knit Top Navy/Yellow (F21 $13) – Every time I buy a horizontal striped shirt I remember my high school teacher telling me that horizontal stripes don’t help you look any slimmer. God I hated high-school teachers with a penchant for backhanded compliments it was the worst. Anyway, whenever I do buy one I metaphorically flip the bird at their aura wherever they might be today. Something about horizontal stripes has always felt a bit nostalgic to me, and I’m not sure why. Maybe I wore them a lot as a kid? In any case this shirt is wonderful, really stretchy material. Got it in a size Large.


body suits

  1. Knit Top Bodysuit Navy/Cream (F21 $13) – Ha, I did say I liked horizontal stripes didn’t I? I didn’t realize this was almost the exact same pattern as the shirt until I was paying at the register, go figure. I love that this bodysuit has snaps at the bottom, which will really come in handy when it comes to using the toilet. I’ve also been trying to incorporate a little bit more yellow into my wardrobe. I read somewhere that it can encourage a bit more cheerfulness into life, which I could never say no to. My current wardrobe is very monochrome. Got this bodysuit in a size Large
  2. Ruffled Black Bodysuit (H&M $18) – I LOVE THIS! It’s a bit pushing my comfort zone, honestly, I usually don’t wear clothing that show much cleavage. But I’m excited to wear this on holiday in Mexico hopefully. I’m trying to push myself to be a bit more comfortable in my skin, so I’ll probably be blogging about that now and then. I love the ruffle detail, it looks lovely on, I’m just obviously concerned about a boob popping out! Got it in a size Large (as opposed to an XL) to try and keep everything tucked in.



  1. Black Floppy Felt Wide-Brim Hat (F21 $20) – Listen, I didn’t even mean to buy this. I put it on when I entered the store and still had it with me when I got to the register, and I just had to! Honestly, I’d never been able to find a M/L hat in store that I actually like, so I took it out of sheer disbelief that they actually had any. My head’s a bit too large for the normal sized ones, and even then I think this one fits a bit snug. Either way, I’m definitely taking this with me to Mexico, I love it.

That’s it!

I was really saddened to find out that the Forever 21 45-minutes from my house has closed down recently, so I had to go to an outlet store close by, which was fine but they didn’t have as many summer clothing as I would’ve hoped. I hear they might open one closer to my house soon, so I can’t wait to be able to go browsing without the hour long drive. If not, well there’s always online shopping.

Thanks if you stuck around and read through this post, and extra thanks to anybody that’s been commenting, liking, or following my blog! I’ve only been at this for a week but I’m planning on blogging being a permanent part of my life, so it’d be lovely to meet some friends.

If you’ve got a blog or know or a blog I should follow please leave the url in the comments below. Also any thoughts on the haul would be greatly appreciated. Much love! xx


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    • Thank you! I love it. I’m half tempted to wear it to bed though, it’s just so comfy! I might have to snag another one online because I can tell it’s going to be a favorite. ❤️

      Thank you for commenting, I absolutely adore your blog! I followed only earlier today. 🙂 x

      • You definitely should, it’s great find. Thank you dear, I followed you too and I’m looking forward to read more of your content. xx

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