Come With Me: The Flea Market

Today my family took a small trip to a local flea market and I thought I’d share a few photos from our night out! Flea markets (or “pulgas”, as we call them) are usually open during early morning hours, but a nearby one has special hours on Wednesday nights. We took advantage of this to go with my parents, who are usually busy working mornings to go with us.


Left: Used fishing equipment for sale | Right: Mom sifting through second-hand shirts

Pulgas have been a staple of my life since childhood. I love everything about them! From the music that stalls blast to get your attention, to the people blurting sales out of a megaphone, to the smells coming from the back end of the lot that make my stomach rumble. You’re guaranteed to find everything here! Second-hand working tools, second-hand clothing, off-brand phone cases, and even used fishing equipment! Everything’s up for grabs. Some of the more interesting finds this time around involved a fully-functioning cauldron that could be plugged into a small propane tank for some spooky-themed soup recipes and a stack of really cool vintage radios.

rare finds

Left: Witches cauldron! | Right: Two vintage radios, already sold.

I really wanted that cauldron to be honest, think of the cool Halloween party ideas you could do with that! It looked to be made of really thick metal as well, absolutely no flimsy plastic-ness to be seen.

The food stalls at flea markets are always amazing. We started off the evening with a bit of fruit at the produce stalls near the front of the lot. It’s the best place to get fresh fruit, other than a farmer’s market of course! I devoured a mango, while my family all opted for some coconut dressed in chili powder and lemon .


Left: Fresh mangos for sale | Right: Dad’s snack of choice: coconut

There’s so many options for snacks along the way of the shopping stalls. Any row of normal vendors will have a chips & soda stall thrown in the mix, or if you’re lucky you’ll bump into an ice cream or aguas frescas vendor.


Left: A stand of Aguas Frescas (I got Lemonade) | Right: Mexican Ice Cream!

I got myself a nice fresh lemonade, because the weather was blistering hot and I needed a refresher. My little sister chased after an ice cream man with a small rolling cart and bought the best pecan popsicle I’ve ever tasted. Then again, it could also have been the heat talking!


Left: Me and my little sister | Right: The best pecan popsicle in the world

After a good long walk around of the entire area (it’s a lot of walking!) we reached the back lot of food! My favorite part. An entire area is dedicated to various taco stalls and Mexican restaurants with a variety of proper meals to choose from. We visited a family friend’s food stall and had ourselves two orders to share amongst the four of us: an order of fajita tacos and shredded meat sopes!


Left: Tacos and Sopes for dinner | Right: Authentic Mexican Coke label

Bit of a trick to fans of Mexican Coke: if the bottle doesn’t say “Retornable” on the label, then it’s not a proper Mexican Coke! Glass bottled cokes directly from Mexico always taste so much better for some reason, I don’t know why. Either way, if you haven’t had an imported Mexican Coke you should try it! They’re made with pure cane sugar and taste ten times better than the regular kind.

Lalo, the blue Macaw who danced to cumbias

Before we left, we bumped into this little guy hanging out with his owner. He was so cute! I always feel bad for birds that aren’t in the wild but this guy sure was sassy. He was dancing along to the music! His name was Lalo and he was the most brilliant blue I had ever seen.

Our bellies full, our purchases made, and the sun set, we were ready to call it a night. We left a bit before closing to avoid traffic jams in the parking lot, as always. It was such a nice night out with my family, I can’t wait until we can go again!

As the sun sets, so does my picture quality (oops)

I hope you enjoyed coming along with me and my family to the flea market! Hopefully I’ll be able to do more posts like these, it gives me an excuse to go out and explore new local areas!

Thank you so much for reading, as always.


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