Why I’m Blogging (+ Unique Blogger Award)

I didn’t get glammed up for photos apologies in advance (but really, not sorry)

Like everybody else in the world, it seems, I’ve started several blogs before. I’ve been on so many platforms! LJ, Xanga, MyDearDiary, Blogger, Wix(?lol), Tumblr: you name it and I’ve probably been on it. I’ve noticed after a few weeks of being on this website that most people on here have a motive.

Maybe motive is the wrong word, it sounds nefarious. It’s more like a purpose. A reason for being here. There’s so many wonderful blogs with carefully curated content, whether that be beauty, or music, or style, and I’ve plopped in here with a crazy amalgamation of everything. So it begs the question… what am I doing on here anyway?

I guess I wanted this to be a snapshot moment of me. I’m going to keep this blog going as long as I can, but a part of me feels like this is a transformative time of my life. I’m nearing 25 this year, and I’ve finished one year in a stable job. Change is in the air. I feel like years down the line I’m going to want to remember everything about this time period, from my favorite tv shows to what brand makeup I’m wearing. This blog is meant to be my own little time-capsule.

I guess a tiny little sub-reasoning for this blog is to improve my writing, because I’ve really let myself go since university in that department. I never even made an introductory post on this blog did I? In media res, as usual. How chaotic, yeesh.

The difference between this blog and all the other times I’ve tried blogging is that I actually feel like I have things to talk about this time around. I feel like whatever I write on here isn’t me trying to fit a mold. This blog is about me, by me, for me, and hopefully it’ll be a fun way to meet new friends.

My family and friends don’t know I have this blog. I mean, it’s not a secret, but I’m not telling anybody either. I have to admit, I feel a bit intimidated by everybody on here cross-posting to social media and using hashtags to get their blog out. At this point, the only reason I want followers is to have people to talk to.

So far, everyone that I’ve met on here has been truly wonderful and want to thank you all for being so nice to me. I can’t wait to grow along with y’all. ♥

Unique Blogger Award

Speaking of wonderful people, the beautiful kittyp0p nominated me for the Unique Blogger Award last week, and I’m finally able to get around to it! Thank you so much! You should check her out if you haven’t already.

Rules are to share the link to the blog of the person who nominated you (which I already did, but will do again for good measure because she’s lovely: kittyp0p), answer the questions that they’ve chosen, nominate 8+ other bloggers, and then ask 3 questions of your own.

Are those eyebrows or wookies on my face? We’ll never know for sure.

1. Do you have a job? If so, what is it?

I do! I’m a preschool teacher. I work with a school district that goes into Head Start classrooms for half day. I work with a total of 40 kids every year. They range from ages 3-4, and maybe one or two five year olds (but not usually). I love it! It’s very challenging though, mostly because of the adults involved, as it is with every job.

2. How often do you pamper (get nails, hair, makeup done or do them yourself)?

Actually not often at all. It’s something I really want to change, because I never grew up as a person that was overly fussed with my appearance. I mean I was, but there were more important things to worry about than pampering. I think it’s kind of set me back, because I’m very much a rookie in so many things. I’m barely trying out some makeup things, and I just barely dyed my hair for the first time. Also, I have a weird fear of going to salons for some reason, which I want to conquer this summer! I swear I’m gonna go alone at some point, mark my words.

3. Summer questions: water park or amusement park rides?

Amusement park rides, definitely! I’m a rollercoaster fanatic, I love them so much! Which is hilarious because… I’m terrified of water park rides. There’s just no straps! They rely on gravity! How do people just get on those giant slides, I don’t understand! (I say this now, but one day I’ll get on one and get addicted to water park slides, I just know it.)

That’s it from me! I don’t think I know enough people on here to nominate 8 people, honestly. But, I nominate:

My questions for you lovely ladies are:

  1. If you could have any celebrity’s wardrobe, which would it be & why?
  2. Tell me about a smell or sound that’s attached to a memory growing up.
  3. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

Thank you all so much for reading this mess of a post. Work starts up again (sort of) tomorrow, so I’ll have plenty of time to catch up reading y’alls posts in the boring re-hashing of rules training. Much love. xx



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  1. Thanks for answering my questions and congrats again! I love that you’re a teacher- we need more teachers cause they so mold the minds and young lives of our world. Treat yourself, girl (: play around with makeup when you have spare time or try different hairstyles on your own- it’s so much fun. I agree, I’m all for a good thrill ride but I need to feel somewhat safe lol gotta have the belts and harnesses!

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