I’ll be honest here. I’m writing the first draft of this blog post on a nearly two-hour queue for a ride. Which is very unlike us, considering we have a hard-set curated-over-the-years routine on how to tackle this mammoth of an amusement park. Two things set us back this year, that… View Post

I’ve been to Downtown Disney, or “Disney Springs” as it’s called now, many times throughout my childhood. It’s changed drastically since I was little, from simple shop additions to a complete revamp of the area. The biggest change this time around comes from my end: I have a job. Which means… View Post

I come to you live from my household, one night before our flight to Florida where everything is complete chaos because we’ve all managed to go above our weight limit for baggage. I’m sure we’ll figure it out, eventually. Travel always seems to be a bit stressful the few days before,… View Post

Tomorrow marks the first time I ever attend a family reunion. An official one at least! I come from a Hispanic background, and try as I might I still don’t know most of cousins because of the vastness of our family tree. My maternal grandmother’s family isn’t huge: they were only… View Post

Guess who went to Target! I love Target, it’s got absolutely everything I ever need and always has cute things to buy for stationary and room decor, but my absolute favorite thing about Target is the $1 Bargain Bins. They’re my addiction! The month of July is gonna be filled with… View Post