How To Use FastPass+ In Magic Kingom

I’ll be honest here. I’m writing the first draft of this blog post on a nearly two-hour queue for a ride. Which is very unlike us, considering we have a hard-set curated-over-the-years routine on how to tackle this mammoth of an amusement park. Two things set us back this year, that we hadn’t anticipated: 1. the new FastPass+ system, and 2. we woke up late.

This post might be a long one, so buckle in and get ready for the tips and learn from my past (and current!) mistakes.

Disclaimer: This advice is based on my own experiences, and on the assumption that the park tickets are bought in advance. This also skips through most “kids rides” and character meet and greets, although you can always do those in between my recs! There’s plenty of time, time that I spent on short 20-30 minute queues for rides, that you could use for character meet and greets! This advice is also based mostly on Magic Kingdom, but I will post info for the other three parks after I’ve gone in with trial and error for the next three days.

First off, if you’re not aware what the FastPass system is, it’s basically a “fast lane” in the queue for rides. You choose a ride, at a specific time, and you’re allowed entry in the priority line for the span of an hour (you’re only allowed in once!) It was a really cool system that, beforehand, required you to go to kiosks and get printed tickets. With the new system, everything is electronic! Which brings me to my first advice:

Make Early FastPass+ Reservations


If you and your party are staying at a Disney resort you’re allowed to pick three FastPass+ ride selections 60 days in advance! If you’re not staying in a Disney resort, you get to pick three selections 30 days in advance.

We, stupidly, did not think this was necessary. We’ve gone many times and always got our FastPass tickets in kiosks at the park! Why would we need to get them so far in advance? This was, as you can tell, a mistake.

I can now say, with a matter of urgency, book your tickets early, and on your 60 or 30 day mark, wake up at 7 in the morning to make ride selections!!

New and popular rides sell out very quickly, and the best way to secure the best FastPass+ selections is to choose early. I’ll get to my selection reccomendations later, but just to double stress: if its 30/60 days before (depending on your hotel choice) please make early reservations. 

Get The App Immediately

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The new FastPass+ system works so much better if you have it at hand. Here’s a couple things you can do with the app:

  •  You can set up your travel party’s information and have quick access to add and change FastPass+ selections.
  • You can add your desired times for parades and scheduled shows to make an itinerary.
  • It is equipped with a map that can direct you to any show, attraction, restroom, or gift shop that you want.
  • The map is also equipped with real-time queue times for every attraction in Disney World! This is such a bonus, you don’t have to walk across the park only to find that the ride you want to get on has a 60 minute wait.

Your life will just be easier with the app, trust me. I also recommend putting touch id for access to this app instead of relying on the password to enter, it’ll make accessing your FastPass+ information so much easier.

FastPass+ Early Reservation Recommendations:

There are so many options for FastPass+ ride selections at so many different time options, it’s really easy to get overwhelemed. This is a list of the rides in Magic Kingdom that I think are most important to get FastPass+ tickets for! Remember that this can be done on the Disney website or app!

  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  • Space Mountain
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Buzz Lightyear Star Command

Three of these can be selected prior to your day in the park, one can be chosen the day of. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train sells out EXTREMELY quickly, so I would say that should be your first priority on the pre-selections.

Peter Pan averages at a wait time of about 70-90 minutes during heavy hours, Space Mountain varies from 100-140 minutes. Buzz Lightyear is less of a wait, 45-60 minute wait, but it is worth getting a fast pass for this!

FastPass+ Time Selections

As for choice times, your golden window is 11AM to 4PM. That’s the best times to select your early choices! Important things to remember: your FassPass+ Selections cannot overlap! For example: if you select a FastPass+ for 11AM, you will be barred from choosing any other FastPass+ from 11AM to 12PM, because each FastPass+ gives you a window of an hour to get to your selected ride.

It would be ideal to select “Seven Dwarfs Mine Train” at around 11AM, “Space Mountain” at around 12AM, and “Peter Pan” around 4PM, and getting Buzz Lightyear while in park for any time between 1PM and 3PM.

I will be making a separate post on how we managed our time in Magic Kingdom, because it is the hardest park to fit into one day, but I figured a post on how the new FastPass system works would be helpful.

Once you use up your preselected FassPass+ selections and the single in-park selection you made, you are able to choose FastPass+ tickets, one at a time. At this point you can get FastPass+ tickets for rides like the Tomorrowland Speedway, The Jungle Cruise, and Pirates of the Caribbean, or if you want, the various Character Meet & Greet Options in Fantasyland.

Barter With The FastPass+ Kiosk & App

Bit of a tip, if the app is showing you a selection at 11:35 and you want to get it at 11:20, exit out and try again! Or, alternatively, get the 11:35 selection and then click the Modify button and refresh! Usually you can get FP+ selection options for ten or even twenty minutes earlier than the first option that became available to you! Remember, you can make modifications on your app, so you can barter with the FP+ generator while in line for any other ride.

That’s all I have for you for now. Everyone’s asleep, so I’m gonna go join them. Tomorrow will be an actual vacation post with photos and stories! 🙂

Good night all!

Shopping Bucket List: Disney Springs

I’ve been to Downtown Disney, or “Disney Springs” as it’s called now, many times throughout my childhood. It’s changed drastically since I was little, from simple shop additions to a complete revamp of the area. The biggest change this time around comes from my end: I have a job. Which means I can actually shop! Can you tell I’m excited? Because I am. Here’s my top 7 shops I want to take a peek at, hopefully tonight.

anthropologie1. Anthropologie – I’ve only been able to step foot into an Anthropologie once, and I was dead skint broke at the time, it was horrid. I wanted so many things! I really want to go in to see everything they have, although it’s going to suck being limited by airline weight on the trip back. I want a candle! I’ll just have to take a sniff around and order the one I like online.


2. Free People – For all the reasons in Anthropologie, basically. You don’t understand the amount of longing I had for this one pair of boots on the FP website, but I was broke at the time and now they’re completely sold out. I’ll have a look round and try things on for later purchase, hopefully some nice boots. 🙂


3. Kiehl’s Since 1851 – I’ve never been in a Kiehl’s store. That’s illegal. Honestly, I my wishlist has about five Kiehl’s products so I might pop in for a cheeky purchase or two. I can’t wait for this!


4. Zara – I’m not in too much of a hurry to get in here, I’ve been in Zara before. But the we’ll be getting a Zara in my home town soon! I mostly want to go in and show my mom the clothes that they sell and how pretty everything is, so that she’s a bit more understanding when I go crazy at the store opening.


5. Basin – They have cute Mickey themed soaps! I don’t know how likely it is that I’ll be buying any, but I definitely want to go in and look around (smell around?)


6. Sugarboo & Co. – I’m really looking forward to this one. The site says that they specialize in the “whimsical” and they have so many cute looking uplifting prints! I’m always on the lookout for cute things for my room, so this is a must-go-to store.


7. Disney’s Days of Christmas – Because I’m a Christmas person who doesn’t wait until December to find the perfect yearly Christmas ornament. I’ve never bought one here before but I’ve always wanted to!

I’ll definitely be going to the usual World of Disney store and such, but there’s so many new things to look at, I wonder if we’ll even have the time. Our flight might be a bit delayed, so if we don’t go tonight, we’ll go at some point during the week. Stick around for my vacation posts this week! And you can also follow my instagram and snapchat for more photos and footage!

If the air balloon is up and running, you can bet your ass I’ll be hitching a ride on that!

Well, we’re about ready to pack up all our bags and head to the airport. Hope you all are having a lovely Monday! If you’ve been to Disney Springs, please let me know your favorite shops so I can have a peek in this week! 🙂



What’s In My Bag: Flight Edition

I come to you live from my household, one night before our flight to Florida where everything is complete chaos because we’ve all managed to go above our weight limit for baggage. I’m sure we’ll figure it out, eventually. Travel always seems to be a bit stressful the few days before, and my family doesn’t really make it a habit of flying anywhere. I’ve flown a few places alone, but never with my family, so tomorrow is sure to be a hectic and interesting day.

Thought it would be interesting to do a bit of What’s In My Bag before the flight though! These are subject to change considering the chaos that’s going on in the hallway. I might end up having to shove my hair straightener in here as well, but here’s the gist of it:


  1. The trusty ol’ Jansport backpack, survivor of the highschool days.
  2. Makeup Bag, with the usual suspects inside. (Going to be trying out BB Creams while I’m out there, but in case I end up hating them, I’ve got my usual foundation in there. Hopefully, I’ll be able to review them soon!)
  3. Snacks! I’ve opted for some Chocolate Chip cookie bites, Milk Duds, and a small Mio bottle to mix with water that I’ll get before boarding.
  4. Hydration Essentials. Including: EOS lip balm for chapped lips, St. Ives Skin Renewing Collagen & Elastin Body Lotion poured into a travel sized bottle, & Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. Flights usually suck moisture out of my skin, so I’m stocking up!
  5. Spectacles. I talked about these glasses in a Recent Splurges post, and I’m so excited to take them on holiday! Follow me on Snapchat to get Spectacles footage from my trip.
  6. Laptop. I’ll hopefully be blogging while I’m out in Florida!
  7. Ipod + Headphones. I try and use this iPod for photos as well to save battery on my phone.
  8. Extra Headphones. You honestly never know, I can’t take chances with headphones. I’ll be taking my wireless Jaybird x2 headphones as well.
  9. Moment Lens. I bought this recently and will be using the trip to test drive how much I like it. So far it’s been AMAZING, I can’t wait to make a full post about it. Watch out for it!
  10. Bullet Journal + pens. This will be used less for planning (as I usually use it) and more to jot down quick thoughts at the end of the day. Some part of me always feels a bit more secure with my bullet journal around for some odd reason, even if I don’t use it.
  11. Kindle Paperwhite. I’ve been clinging to this for the past two weeks! I’ve finished through and entire series (finally) and have tackled reading The Martian. I haven’t seen the movie for the sake of reading the book first. I’m completely immersed and can’t put it down!
  12. Anker External Battery, just in case.
  13. Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel. I’ve got so many of these still lying around from student gifts last year, it’s so awesome. I’m never out of hand sanitizer!
  14. Contact case (+ contact liquid, not pictured), just in case my eyes dry out so much that I have to take those babies off.

That’s about it! My wallet and phone are obviously included as well, but I tend to carry those in my pockets anyway. The reunion went well, if a bit dull, for those wondering. I managed to twist my ankle playing kickball so most of the evening was spent chilling with my cousins in the shade. Good fun.

Phew, I’ve still got to finish putting together everything for tomorrow, so I’ll finish off here. Are any of you guys taking trips soon? What are you taking with you? I’m a novice at best at flights so it’d be lots of fun to read blog posts on stuff like that, link me in the comments!

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!


A Four Hour Drive To Nervesville

Tomorrow marks the first time I ever attend a family reunion. An official one at least! I come from a Hispanic background, and try as I might I still don’t know most of cousins because of the vastness of our family tree.

My maternal grandmother’s family isn’t huge: they were only six siblings, and only four made it to the age to have a family of their own. I’m not expecting hundreds of people, but I am expecting to be overwhelmed. Not only do I not know many of the people attending, we’ll have to travel four hours to get to them!

Also there’s a small matter of us never being part of an Official Family Reunion before. We spent weeks coming up with games and events we could go but seemed to come up short. The internet was full of bad ideas. Never Have I Ever is not a family friendly game, I don’t care who is trying to convince me otherwise.

At the very least, I’m looking forward to the pool in the public park the event will be at. A whole day in 100+ degree weather? Not looking forward to that. We’ll be four hours north of where we usually are in Texas, so let’s hope that the change in location might give us a bit of respite in the heat department.

I’m a little bit nervous.

Also, hey I’m aware that this is my first personal-ish post! I know there’s very few of you so far but I hope you’re finding my blog entertaining, if not at least satisfactory. I have a lot to learn about this platform and hopefully you all can stick around to see me grow.

Cross your fingers tomorrow goes well!


Work Haul: Target Bargain Bins

Guess who went to Target! I love Target, it’s got absolutely everything I ever need and always has cute things to buy for stationary and room decor, but my absolute favorite thing about Target is the $1 Bargain Bins. They’re my addiction!

The month of July is gonna be filled with cute things to use in the classroom once all the holiday things are done, and today I managed to snag a bit of the first few things to hit the shelves!



A lot of these are useful for both in-school use and for parents who like to do a bit of at-home teaching! They’re fun and colorful! I got several different versions of their bulletin board decor packs:

  • Birthday Chart (can be used for children in class OR for family birthdays)
  • Daily Weather (practices prediction: how they thing tomorrow’s weather will be)
  • Days of the Week
  • Welcome! Decor Pack (complete with cute cartoon school supplies)

Each of these were only $1 each!

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For further decorating, I bought a DIY apple banner kit! I thought this might be cute to put the children’s photo and name on for the first few weeks of school. Each pack comes with 20 apples, 10 glittery and 10 shiny. The kit also comes with some twine and the cutest clothespins I have ever seen in my life! Each kit cost me $3.

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I found a pack of really cute bus cut-outs ($1) that will either be used for classroom door decor, or can be saved for the transportation unit later in the year.

I also found a book of stickers ($1) that can be used on planners, specifically made for teacher to-do lists! It’s going to be so cool to use these in my bullet journal! There’s stickers for school events and professional meetings/due dates, as well as normal every day agenda reminder stickers. They’re very colorful and cute, I can’t wait to use them.

Along with the Bulletin Board decor I had mentioned earlier, I found a really cute Alphabet Banner ($1), but I think these are more useful as flashcards than decor! I’m a strong believer in self-made decoration involving the alphabet. The children need to take part in the decorating process too!

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset

To finish off, I grabbed two sets of magnets: one Alphabet letters and the other a pack of Shapes and Numbers. Each of these were $2, and they seem to be made of really good quality!

There were a number of jigsaw puzzles and flash cards available as well, but I only grabbed a few that were relevant to my teaching age group & subject material.

  • Count & Match (Number Recognition, Rote Counting, & Sequencing)
  • Alphabet Connect (Alliteration, Letter Recognition, Sound Recognition)
  • Colors & Shapes (Color/Shape Identification & Recognition)
  • Opposites
  • Sight Words Flash Cards

Each one of these only cost me $1!

The only drawback to these purchases is the same drawback I have with all school purchases: they’re all in English. I do teach Math in English no matter what, but I always feel bad not having as many cool things for my Spanish-heavy kiddos. I’ll have to start designing some stuff myself to make for them, I’ll be sure to make these available for download whenever I get around to it!

Hope you enjoyed this post! The Target Bargain Bin always has great things, both for journaling and for teachers, so if either of those is your cup of tea and you haven’t checked it out, please do! You won’t regret it.

Total Spent: $22