Today my family took a small trip to a local flea market and I thought I’d share a few photos from our night out! Flea markets (or “pulgas”, as we call them) are usually open during early morning hours, but a nearby one has special hours on Wednesday nights. We took… View Post

Life has ups and downs, its the natural course of life. It won’t always be great and sometimes you can’t fake it. It’s okay to have an off day every so often, and on those days it’s good to do things to lift your spirit! Make Your Bed. It’s silly, and… View Post

It’s hard to imagine a time when everyone didn’t have a phone in their pocket at all times. I didn’t get a proper cellphone until I was 17 years old, and even then my parents were not very keen on the idea. Now it seems like I can’t live without it!… View Post

Hello everyone! Bit of a simpler post today, I’m thinking about things I want to do in the next month and a half and thought I’d write down a to-do list of stuff I want to do in the limited time that I don’t have already planned out. I have a… View Post

A few days ago, I decided to make the trip to our closest H&M – only an hour drive away. I don’t know why I wanted to go so badly. It might be all the talk about H&M online: I’ve never been able to step foot in one! Also, I’d recently… View Post