The Dye Job

I’ll be the first to admit that I do things on the fly. I went skydiving for the first time on a whim. “Fuck it” is kind of my philosophy in life for the most part, particularly with doing things that make me nervous to begin with. My hair… that’s a different story.

My natural hair is Black. I don’t mean dark brown, cute in the sunlight, black. I mean BLACK. When I was little my hairdresser would go on and on about how my hair was a gift. But honestly, I’d had enough. 25 years of the same hair? Time for a change. Last summer I decided to dye my hair blond. It’s like they say, the best laid plans of mice and men-

What ended up happening is this:

  • Cosmo-student friend drove me to store to buy copious amounts of bleach and dye.
  • A guy friend went first and bleached his whole head Draco Malfoy blond.
  • My turn, I freaked out, demanded an ombre instead.
  • Got a hacked up dye job and split ends to match.
  • Kept this “ombre” for a long time regardless, until I chopped it off in January.

I think there’s just something about the summer I think that keeps me wanting to make drastic changes. Usually I’d just cut a fringe on my hair or something, but this time around I had an Actual Adult Job that pays Actual Adult Money with which I could pay for an Actual Adult Hair Dye.

And… well that’s what happened.

new hair

I’m still not sure if I like it, to be honest. For starters, this is nothing like the photo that I showed the hairdresser. I went to her because a friend recommended, but maybe I should’ve done a bit more research. I think I might just not suit the blond life though, my hair didn’t bleach as well as it “should have”, according to the hairdresser. But oh well, what’s done is done. I just need to go get some box dye for my eyebrows, because SHE DYED MY EYEBROWS.

My eyebrows are off-limits to anyone that I’m not paying to touch them, thanks.

I’m considering whether or not I should stick to this for vacations though, I’m sad at the thought of not liking photos of me in them because I feel awkward with the hair. Thoughts?



From Blue Song to Baby Driver

In my freshman year of university, my life pretty much centered around a guy called Noel Fielding. You probably know who he is: comedian and artist from the UK, says weird shit and always has that hair thing going on. I’m not going to try and explain why I was so into him, much like I can’t really explain most of what I did during university, but Noel was my everything.

This has a point, I promise, just bear with me.

Around the time of university, there was a sudden resurgence of a music video that Noel Fielding had starred in 2002, directed by Edgar Wright. It had a few other good faces, like Nick Frost and Julian Barratt, so naturally I became obsessed with it. It really was ridiculous, there were stories being written about this music video. Three minutes of content launched a myriad of backstories. Blue Song by Mint Royale was the song that defined my first year of university, and it’s stuck in my mind like a fire brand.

Cut to present day: Edgar Wright, after a number of successful box office and cult favorite hits, released a movie called Baby Driver. A story of a young boy with tinnitus who’s wrangled himself into the world of crime and manages to become the world’s best getaway driver.


Blue Song MV on left | Baby Driver on the right

Holy. Shit.

Imagine creating a weird background story for a three minute music video and then, seven years later, seeing a full length feature film based it. I don’t even care that Noel’s character was replaced by Ansel Elgort because my entire mind and body was so captivated by the sheer SATISFACTION of seeing something come to life that I never expected to be able to see.

Mind you, the movie is fucking fantastic even without the weird backstory that I went in to the cinema with. It’s high-adrenaline, high-speed, action with a cacophony of characters and the best damn soundtrack I’ve heard in years. Elgort was never in my highest of regards as an actor, but I really have to hand it to him, he made Baby even better than I could’ve imagined.

I wish I could go back in time and tell everyone that I was friends with at the time, “Hey, you know that music video I’m obsessed with? It’s going to be a fucking movie, man.”, but also some part of me wants past-me to savor the surprise. Edgar Wight is a long-time favorite of mine. Everything he’s done, from Spaced to Scott Pilgrim, has always been right up my alley. Baby Driver was no exception.

Please go watch this film and support it! It’s worth a watch on the big screen.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the soundtrack on vinyl. Maybe there’ll be a cute pink pressing.


10 Things I Learned In My First Year Teaching Preschool

1 10Things

I recently finished my first year teaching! I’m quite proud of myself for making it out alive, it was one hell of a year. I had two groups of 3-4 year olds, both with their own challenges, but I absolutely loved the crap out of teaching. I only hope I can get better as the years go on, but for now: here are ten pretty basic not-really-to-do-with-teaching things I learned in my first year:

1. Children can smell fear.

Or sense it in some way. My first three months teaching were a hell-scape because I didn’t know how to handle a classroom at all. I went through an Alternate Certification Program, so I didn’t go through a student teaching block. All I had to go on were the three months I spent substituting for a local school district (which is NOT the same, at all). In the end, I just had to learn through practice. I’m almost certain I might have to go through the same thing at the start of next year and learn how to deal with an entirely new group of students, but I’m hoping to eventually get to the point where I’m somewhat certain of what works and what doesn’t.

2. Co-teachers are harder to deal with than children, sometimes.

My job involves going into Head Start classrooms for half day and teach/prepare the students for public school. This means having to work with the teacher that is “actually” in charge of the classroom, and… that was a challenge I wasn’t anticipating. One co-teacher had such a dislike for me that she would report me to the center manager every other week for something ridiculous. I grew used to it after a while, but it was horrible to deal with at first. I don’t have the thickest of skins yet when dealing with insults, and ended up crying my evening away more than once. Adults are, as a rule, usually ten times worse than children.

3. Teaching means embarrassing yourself.

My students are coming to preschool. It’s their first experience with schooling of any kind most times, and they’re afraid. Of everything really. They’re scared of other children, of speaking up and participating, and of doing something wrong. You have to be willing to look ridiculous by adult standards. Dance around like a monkey. Act like you’ve NEVER seen yellow and red mix together to make orange. Make sure the children learn to trust your reactions and feel safe being wrong.

4. A new program means nobody ever has any answers.

I feel  like I spent most of this year asking question after question and never getting a straight answer! If Head Start doesn’t use lined paper, am I allowed to use it? Which teacher is in charge of the Circle Time? Can I print at the center or do I have to print at home? Am I allowed to stay alone with the children? Do I teach letter names or letter sounds? I got different answers to every question, every single time I asked. It was beyond frustrating. In the end, I learned to trust my gut, and if I got it wrong, we’re learning as a program. Everyone was bound to mess up.

5. Co-workers can be evil.

I’ve heard of teacher drama before, from cousins who work in the field, but it hit me hard this year. I can’t understand what would make someone want to tarnish your reputation as a teacher, especially a first-year teacher like me? What is there to gain? I don’t know the reasoning behind anybody being terrible. I tried not to let it get to me and focus on just being nice and staying away from the teacher’s lounge. That’s where alliances happen, I just didn’t want to be roped into taking an active part of the gossip circle. I’m so thankful for the few nice co-workers that I was lucky enough to have with me through-out the year, or else I would’ve gone mad. (Note: this is different than #3, co-workers are not people who I share a classroom with.) 

6. Make copies of Everything.

The environmentalist in me is cringing at this advice, but it’s true! I had the misfortune of having to work with a very forgetful principal this year. If there’s one thing I wish I had done is keep a copy of every single paper I had signed by parents for the district. I feel like my relationships with the parents of my students were tarnished by the fact that I’d always be after them to sign paperwork, especially when it was paperwork that they had already signed. I can feel their judgmental stares even now. If you have the time to scan and keep digital copies then that’s great, but if not, just make copies!

7. It’s okay to buy things for your students.

It’s ok to go out and buy supplies that you’re not being provided with. Don’t listen to the other teachers! It’s your life and your money! I would occasionally go out and buy the kids a new game at Lakeshore to change things up and they loved it, but the judgmental glares I would get from other teachers were horrible. It got to the point where I would hide my purchases and come in thirty minutes early to avoid people. Just be conscious of what you spend. Don’t overspend. Know your limits and budget! That brings me to number 8, which is- 

8. Keep your receipts!

I didn’t know this until later, but you can claim teacher purchases when doing taxes. I’m sure most people know this and I’m just an extreme novice, but I thought I’d mention this either way.

9. Go to trainings.

Here’s the thing: they’re gonna be boring at times. They’re gonna be stuff that you know in theory but just need to know how to put into practice. They’re gonna be pointless to your teaching situation sometimes. But you’ll still learn! If you’re a teacher in Texas, the end-of-year evaluations reward extra self-imposed trainings that you’ve attended, so volunteer for a training or two that you’re not necessarily required to do.

10. The best moments will be the most unexpected ones.

Let yourself love the kids you’re teaching. Be happy and joyous when they learn something new. Talk to them like they’re your friends. You’ll always end up missing them when they leave, and yeah the last day of school was spent crying (at least half of the time). Those kids might not remember you in ten years time, but they’re sure gonna worm their way into your heart.


What I showed up to on the last day of school, Spring 2017


  • Honestly, just wear tennis shoes. I’m their gym teacher too! I need to be able to move comfortable and run along with them!
  • Keep an agenda! I started a bullet journal last August and it has saved me.
  • It sounds like such a cliché teacher thing to say, but try and meal prep. It would’ve done wonders if I hadn’t been eating Subway every day for a year. Yikes. (I’m going to try and give this a go next year, kind of gonna try it out during summer.)

Reflecting on the year is honestly so refreshing, I might make a few more posts that are work-related before the school year begins. But if you’re not here for teaching stuff, don’t sweat it! I promise my blog won’t be entirely this sort of stuff. But a girl’s gotta vent every so often, y’know?

Thanks for reading! Are you a first year teacher too? What’re some things you’ve learned within the past year? Comment below!



Recent Splurges

If you’re my mother reading this, please click out of the page or look away! I’m a fiscally responsible person, I swear, and this information would probably bore you anyway.

Here’s the thing: my mother still hounds me when I make an unnecessary purchase above $100. And if she has no idea about it, I’m haunted by the guilt of spending that much money on something I don’t exactly Need, but desperately want.

The first, I bought a few months ago. You wouldn’t have been able to persuade me not to buy the Snapchat Spectacles, if I’m honest with myself. They’re … spectacular! And I’m not just making a stupid pun there, they’re legitimately one of the coolest things I’ve owned.

Vending Machine

Snapchat Spectacles vending machine at SXSW 2017

Initially, I bought them because I missed the golden opportunity to buy them at SXSW this year. I was so irritated that I had arrived only three days after the vending machine was available to the public! Then one day, while I was browsing my friends’ stories on Snapchat, I found an ad for them to be bought online. Before I knew it, the Spectacles were in my online shopping cart, the credit card info was typed in, and I was given a confirmation email. A true impulse buy.


I love them! They retail at around $130.00 online, and comes with the Spectacles in the color of your choice, a charging station that also doubles as storage case, and charging cable. The box itself holds enough battery to charge the Spectacles four times, so it’s perfect for travel. I’m especially excited to use these during vacations for POV shots, and saving phone battery. Using the spectacles to record your snaps means you can quit opening the app every time there’s a ‘snapchat moment’ and focus on life as it happens. Later, all you have to do is synch the glasses to your phone through bluetooth and they’ll be submitted with correct time stamps.

I’ve also found that these sunglasses are such a great conversation starter. I’ve had Starbucks baristas ask me to model how to use them by filming them making my drink. They look stylish with most casual outfits and the cool views you get with these glasses are truly one-of-a-kind.


My second purchase was a new comforter. This was at least partially excused: I needed a new comforter badly. I’ve bought three comforters within the past year, not because I love them so much, but because they all wear out so quickly! I put my foot down and decided that this time around I was going to bite the bullet and buy a comforter that was worth spending for.

And that’s when I saw the Valencia Space Dyed Comforter from Urban Outfitters. I had my own qualms about buying from them, but the comforter itself looked so comfortable I needed to have it. It lingered in my shopping basket for two weeks before I got an email that bedding was on sale mid-June.


With the discount, and plus all the fees, I ended up paying about $130 for the comforter. I guess the photo deceived me into thinking I would be getting the pillow shams as well, so I was slightly disappointed when it arrived. My own fault for not reading the item description. That aside, THIS COMFORTER IS A MARVEL. I absolutely adore it, it’s genuinely the most comfortable thing I have ever slept on. I went on a bit of a nesting craze after it arrived and ended up buying new sheets and pillowcases (grey jersey style) at Target for $30.

I have never slept better in my life. I’m thinking of investing in some new pillows when the school year starts up again, goodness knows I’ll be needing my sleep.



Coming Up – Summer 2017

Summer! Summer’s here! I have my life back. After nine months of being at the beck and call of forty three-year-olds I’m back to being an independent, autonomous human being!

Here’s a list of things that I’m looking forward to this summer. Everything from films and music to trips and escapades.



  1. Atomic Blonde (JULY 28) – Charlize Theron is a badass with a gun. If that wasn’t enough Sofia Boutella looks amazing as well. I read a synopsis of this film months ago and have been piqued since. An awesome film with a female lead? Sign me up.
  2. Baby Driver (JUNE 28) – I’ve seen every single thing that Edgar Wright has ever been a part of and I’m not about to stop now. I almost feel as if he’s an old friend for some reason. I would’ve been all in for this film with Edgar’s name attached alone, but the trailer is also incredible and the soundtrack is a banger.
  3. Dunkirk (JULY 21) – A war film, based on a true story. The story of Dunkirk is fascinating, from what I’ve discovered with minimal research. I saw the trailer while watching another film at the cinema, and it’s so heart-stopping and hair-raising, I know the film is going to be an emotional rollercoaster and I’m looking forward to it. Plus, the exceptional casting, as always with Nolan films, is a plus.
  4. Spider-Man Homecoming (JULY 7) – This is a bit of a guilty pleasure. I know there’s been more than enough Spider-man films, but as always I’m hooked once more. I’m intrigued by Peter portrayed as much younger than usual. I love Zendaya to pieces. This is definitely my 100% block-buster, enjoy-at-face-value film of the summer. I’m predisposed to love it already, and nobody can tell me otherwise.



  1. Melodrama // Lorde (JUNE 16) – This is already out, but I haven’t given it a go.
  2. Everything Now // Arcade Fire (JULY 28) – Great singles so far, one of my fav. bands!
  3. Lust For Life // Lana Del Rey (JULY 21) – A second-hand love, but a love nonetheless.
  4. Soft Sounds From Another Planet // Japanese Breakfast (JULY 14)
  5. Something To Tell You // HAIM (JULY 7) – Another favorite band!

There are way too many things happening in the music world currently, and I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed by it all recently. I might make another post about it soon, but I’ve narrowed my summer list to five albums that I’m really looking forward to listening to.



  1. San Antonio – Trips to San Antonio are usually not seen as holiday. It’s a short four hour drive from home, and the closest big city to us. But this year our family has planned our first family reunion! There is so much family in San Antonio that I have yet to meet and I’m very excited to meet them all.
  2. Disney World/Universal Studios – Do I even have to explain my excitement for this trip?! I’ve been a few times before, but it never stops being exciting and alluring as the first time. I’m especially excited to experience the new Pandora area in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
  3. Cancun – This trip came out of nowhere! I decided to piggyback on my friend’s family trip. I was invited, but last minute, three other friends have decided to go as well. I’ve been friends these people since middle school so this should be one hell of a trip and I am so excited to go! Expect a post about each one of this trips, as well as the other, both before and after, with lots of photos!


  1. I’m starting a journey of heading towards a more healthy life this summer. I’m not being too strict about it, but the goal is more about feeling better than losing weight. I might make a post aboout this later, when I feel more confortable with the whole blogging platform.


That’s all from me for now! Thank you so much for your comments on the last post, I feel like starting this blog, away from the eyes of most of my friends, is the way to stick to my motivation and strive for a more positive way of life. Leave a comment, let’s be friends!