A Four Hour Drive To Nervesville

Tomorrow marks the first time I ever attend a family reunion. An official one at least! I come from a Hispanic background, and try as I might I still don’t know most of cousins because of the vastness of our family tree.

My maternal grandmother’s family isn’t huge: they were only six siblings, and only four made it to the age to have a family of their own. I’m not expecting hundreds of people, but I am expecting to be overwhelmed. Not only do I not know many of the people attending, we’ll have to travel four hours to get to them!

Also there’s a small matter of us never being part of an Official Family Reunion before. We spent weeks coming up with games and events we could go but seemed to come up short. The internet was full of bad ideas. Never Have I Ever is not a family friendly game, I don’t care who is trying to convince me otherwise.

At the very least, I’m looking forward to the pool in the public park the event will be at. A whole day in 100+ degree weather? Not looking forward to that. We’ll be four hours north of where we usually are in Texas, so let’s hope that the change in location might give us a bit of respite in the heat department.

I’m a little bit nervous.

Also, hey I’m aware that this is my first personal-ish post! I know there’s very few of you so far but I hope you’re finding my blog entertaining, if not at least satisfactory. I have a lot to learn about this platform and hopefully you all can stick around to see me grow.

Cross your fingers tomorrow goes well!