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Tech Talk

It’s hard to imagine a time when everyone didn’t have a phone in their pocket at all times. I didn’t get a proper cellphone until I was 17 years old, and even then my parents were not very keen on the idea. Now it seems like I can’t live without it!

Before everyone starts launching their “technology is evil” political cartoons at me: let’s look on a positive side to this. Most apps and social media have made life so much easier! I have long-term friends on the other side of the world. Social media in particular can be bad, but in moderation it’s the best thing in the world: just like coffee and chocolate.

I feel like this might steer off into a small series – with themed recommendations later on. For now, these are the ones I use the most!

The Obvious Ones: Instagram, Snapchat, WordPress, Tinder, Pinterest, Whatsapp

tweetbot.pngTweetbot 4 ($10.00) 
A substitute for the official Twitter app. I couldn’t stand that app so I shelled out money for it. Only drawback to this app is that it doesn’t have support for polls on twitter (you won’t be able to see them). Pros: You have an excellent blacklist system that lets me stay spoiler free from any and all television shows I haven’t gotten around to seeing the season finale for! It’s honestly great. If it wasn’t for the blacklist feature, I might have ditched this app a while back, but it’s just too great to live without it. Also the design of it is very nice and compact, sans all the horrible extra white space in the official app.


Discographic for Discogs ($2.99)
I collect records! I’ve been doing it for about five or six years now, and this app is such a lifesaver when it comes to keeping track of pressings that I have in my collection, and which ones I want to buy next. It helps keep myself organized! And in the few occasions when I’ve had to resell a vinyl, the app made it easy to connect with interested buyers. A great app well worth the money if you’re into record collecting!



Wunderlist (FREE) 
Here it is, the required to-do-list app! This one has a desktop version as well as mobile and they both synch up to keep yourself up-to-date no matter which device you’re using. It’s super easy to use and my favorite to-do list app I’ve ever used.




Mealime (FREE)
This is a recent discovery, and I absolutely love it! The app lets you choose a type of diet (vegan, low-carb, vegetarian, etc.) and then gives you a variety of recipes to choose from PLUS a shopping list ready for you to go to the grocers. It’s amazing! Some of the recipes are locked for PRO members only, but there’s plenty of tasty meals to try out. I’m not a horrible cook, I’ve just never had the time to learn to make several proper meals, and this is the perfect way to practice a variety of tasty healthy meals. I’ve only been using it for two weeks but I absolutely love it.


Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 7.18.21 PMBLACK – (FREE.. but not?)
This app emulates the feel of black-and-white film cameras. I’ve always wanted to get into film photography but never actually did it, and this app kind of scratches the itch a bit. The app claims to be free but does have required in-app purchases!



Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 7.23.03 PM

1 Second Everyday – Video Diary ($4.99)
THIS IS MY FAVORITE APP OF THE SUMMER. It’s a simple concept: record a second every day. The app stitches together videos from your camera roll for a one-second summary at the end of whatever time span you choose to have your video follow. I tried doing it for the month of June, but missed quite a few videos. Hopefully July will be a bit more seamless, I’m making a more conscious effort to snag a tiny video every day. The video produced shows date stamps and edits everything for you! All you have to do is choose which videos get put in the final product. I’ll be posting my end-of-July video on my Instagram so be sure to follow me over there if you’d like to see it.


little alchemyLittle Alchemy (FREE) 
This app is based on an online game that was popular a few years back. The premise is: make stuff. You start off with a few elements like air, earth, and wind, and you use those to create different objects, from the most grandiose and vague to the most weirdly specific thing you could think of. I currently have 276 out of 560 objects created, so I’ve got a ways to go. It’s such a cute little game though, and it really does make you think. Of course a Bat and a Human would make Batman! What else could it have been? (No seriously, try it, it’s fun!)

That’s it for now! I might do a travel-specific app post soon, I want to test drive some newish apps first before I write about them. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for the new followers! I’m glad you stumbled on to my baby of a blog and that you’re sticking around.

What’s your favorite app to use that’s not an obvious choice? I’m always on the lookout for new apps to try!