End-Of-July Check InĀ 

I made a summer bucket list a while back and I wanted to do a quick check in of things that I’ve already done! My summer doesn’t end until work starts up again so I still have quite a bit of time to do more but I think keeping tabs on myself helps keep my goals in check. 

1. I went to a Spinning Pottery workshop

I signed up for a one-off Spinning Pottery class when I made my list and I went the week I came back from Florida! It was a bit intimidating because I was the only one who signed up. Oops. 

Turns out weekdays at 4PM isn’t a very popular time for them, so my “workshop” turned out to be a one-on-one session. I felt a bit awkward taking photos for my blog considering all the attention was on me, but I ended up really enjoying it! The instructor was very nice and I was able to produce one wonky looking pot, which I then painted w/ colored glaze and left in their hands for baking. 

I’m supposed to get a text within two weeks to go pick up my masterpiece, but I didn’t leave the shop empty handed! My teacher was telling me about how her job was cool because she was allowed to make all sorts of creations in the clock and I spotted this little guy… and I just had to have him. 

He’s a character called Lion from Steven Universe, and the girl made him by hand! I love supporting local artists and she was so excited that I wanted to buy her artwork. He has a special little place on my desk now. Isn’t he adorable! 

2. I got a proper mani-pedi

I think I conquered my fears of salons. I went with my friend to get the mani-pedi (originally I kind of wanted to conquer the fear alone) but she only got a manicure. So, technically I did the whole shebang on my own. 

I don’t know why I’m so scared of these places. Its probably just a combination of me not used to being in that environment and being afraid that they’ll say something mean about my feet. I’ve never actually gotten a pedi, so it was nerve wracking and a bit terrifying if I’m honest. 

I’m so glad I asked around for recommendations because the salon I went to was wonderful! They had great music and they were very clean about everything. I’ve heard some horror stories about nail salons, so I’m just grateful that this experience was a good one. 

As for colors… I did want to be adventurous and go for something bright, but I ended up getting a mauve color on my pedi and the good ol’ Samoan Sand on my mani. Maybe next time I’ll venture out into something else. 

3. I read three books

Books I Read: 

  • A Swiftly Tilting Planet by Madeleine L’Engle
  • Many Waters by Madeleine L’Engle
  • The Martian by Andy Weir 

I finally finished my reading of the Wrinkle In Time quintet! I’ll have to reread the first one before the film comes out next year but I’m happy I got to experience that universe again. I’ll probably make a post about the series because I have so much to say about it! The Martian was also amazing and I’m so glad I waited to watch the movie until I read the book. So worth it. 

Currently reading: 

  • Good Omens 
  • How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are 

That’s about everything that I’ve done up until now, which isn’t as much as I wanted! I don’t think the trip to our local beach is happening, but I am traveling to a foreign beach with friends! So that’s happening soon. I have a lot of things to try and accomplish come August. Wish me luck! 



A Four Hour Drive To Nervesville

Tomorrow marks the first time I ever attend a family reunion. An official one at least! I come from a Hispanic background, and try as I might I still don’t know most of cousins because of the vastness of our family tree.

My maternal grandmother’s family isn’t huge: they were only six siblings, and only four made it to the age to have a family of their own. I’m not expecting hundreds of people, but I am expecting to be overwhelmed. Not only do I not know many of the people attending, we’ll have to travel four hours to get to them!

Also there’s a small matter of us never being part of an Official Family Reunion before. We spent weeks coming up with games and events we could go but seemed to come up short. The internet was full of bad ideas. Never Have I Ever is not a family friendly game, I don’t care who is trying to convince me otherwise.

At the very least, I’m looking forward to the pool in the public park the event will be at. A whole day in 100+ degree weather? Not looking forward to that. We’ll be four hours north of where we usually are in Texas, so let’s hope that the change in location might give us a bit of respite in the heat department.

I’m a little bit nervous.

Also, hey I’m aware that this is my first personal-ish post! I know there’s very few of you so far but I hope you’re finding my blog entertaining, if not at least satisfactory. I have a lot to learn about this platform and hopefully you all can stick around to see me grow.

Cross your fingers tomorrow goes well!