6 TV Shows I Want To Catch Up On

I gave up watching television around two months into my new teaching job last year, and I think it’s around time that I start catching up on all the shows I used to watch before things got kind of haywire with time and scheduling.

Note: I’m not implying any of these are good shows. In fact, I know that at least one of these has actually gotten so bad in terms of storyline that it’s a bit ridiculous that I’m still watching. But hey, old habits die hard don’t they?


1. The Walking Dead

Last Episode I Saw: Season 3, Episode 3 “The Cell
Things were just heating up with Neegan and his crew, and I know the comics have some intense things going on with Carl soon. I’m a die-hard Daryl fan (because who doesn’t love being a cliche) so I’m mostly gonna go back and watch to see Daryl live and survive. Also to see Michonne and Rick be cute together because why the hell not.


2. Bates Motel

Last Episode I Saw: Season 5, Episode 1 “Dark Paradise
I actually watched season 4 of Bates during winter break, and had to stop once I hit season 5 because school was starting up again. I’ve really been looking forward to this season! I know Rihanna guest stars, so I’m really excited to see that happen on screen.


3. Supernatural

Last Episode I Saw: Season 12, Episode 3 “The Foundry
This is one of those shows that I know isn’t so great, but it’s just been stuck on me for so long that I have to see it through to the bitter end. Also, my family is really into it and I’d like to join in on the weekly pizza supernatural watch parties again. Interested in catching up with the hopes that the next season might be their last? Maybe? Who knows.


4. Teen Wolf

Last Episode I Saw: Season 5, Episode 20 “Apotheosis
Teen Wolf isn’t my usual cup of tea, but my friends are really into it so we enjoy watch parties of the show. I’m about half a season behind, and I hear it’s very Stiles oriented which is always good because Dylan O’Brien is cute. New season starts soon, so I might make this one a priority so I can watch along with the rest of the world.


5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Last Episode I Saw: Season 2, Episode 13 “Kimmy Finds Her Mom!
This series is hilarious! If you haven’t given it a try then I’d highly recommend it! The only reason I’m not caught up on this show is because I didn’t even know a new season had premiered already. It’s a Netflix original, so I guess it wouldn’t have been promoted anywhere on actual television. I can’t wait to experience more glorious Titus Andromedon.

6. Shameless


Last Episode I Saw: Season 6, Episode 12 “Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!
I was pretty devastated by spoilers I’d seen from season 7, so I never really made the jump into starting it. I might have a go at it, just to find some kind of closure, but I’m not in any hurry to get to a particular episode to be honest.

That’s about it! I’m hoping to have more time for television this year considering I’m a bit more grounded in what I’m doing job-wise. What television shows are you watching right now? I’m always on the look-out for new shows to look into.