Work Haul: Target Bargain Bins

Guess who went to Target! I love Target, it’s got absolutely everything I ever need and always has cute things to buy for stationary and room decor, but my absolute favorite thing about Target is the $1 Bargain Bins. They’re my addiction!

The month of July is gonna be filled with cute things to use in the classroom once all the holiday things are done, and today I managed to snag a bit of the first few things to hit the shelves!



A lot of these are useful for both in-school use and for parents who like to do a bit of at-home teaching! They’re fun and colorful! I got several different versions of their bulletin board decor packs:

  • Birthday Chart (can be used for children in class OR for family birthdays)
  • Daily Weather (practices prediction: how they thing tomorrow’s weather will be)
  • Days of the Week
  • Welcome! Decor Pack (complete with cute cartoon school supplies)

Each of these were only $1 each!

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For further decorating, I bought a DIY apple banner kit! I thought this might be cute to put the children’s photo and name on for the first few weeks of school. Each pack comes with 20 apples, 10 glittery and 10 shiny. The kit also comes with some twine and the cutest clothespins I have ever seen in my life! Each kit cost me $3.

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I found a pack of really cute bus cut-outs ($1) that will either be used for classroom door decor, or can be saved for the transportation unit later in the year.

I also found a book of stickers ($1) that can be used on planners, specifically made for teacher to-do lists! It’s going to be so cool to use these in my bullet journal! There’s stickers for school events and professional meetings/due dates, as well as normal every day agenda reminder stickers. They’re very colorful and cute, I can’t wait to use them.

Along with the Bulletin Board decor I had mentioned earlier, I found a really cute Alphabet Banner ($1), but I think these are more useful as flashcards than decor! I’m a strong believer in self-made decoration involving the alphabet. The children need to take part in the decorating process too!

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To finish off, I grabbed two sets of magnets: one Alphabet letters and the other a pack of Shapes and Numbers. Each of these were $2, and they seem to be made of really good quality!

There were a number of jigsaw puzzles and flash cards available as well, but I only grabbed a few that were relevant to my teaching age group & subject material.

  • Count & Match (Number Recognition, Rote Counting, & Sequencing)
  • Alphabet Connect (Alliteration, Letter Recognition, Sound Recognition)
  • Colors & Shapes (Color/Shape Identification & Recognition)
  • Opposites
  • Sight Words Flash Cards

Each one of these only cost me $1!

The only drawback to these purchases is the same drawback I have with all school purchases: they’re all in English. I do teach Math in English no matter what, but I always feel bad not having as many cool things for my Spanish-heavy kiddos. I’ll have to start designing some stuff myself to make for them, I’ll be sure to make these available for download whenever I get around to it!

Hope you enjoyed this post! The Target Bargain Bin always has great things, both for journaling and for teachers, so if either of those is your cup of tea and you haven’t checked it out, please do! You won’t regret it.

Total Spent: $22